E-Bike Touring the Mountain Trails of Ucluelet

June 25th, 2019 |


If you have never experienced the mountain trails of Ucluelet, this might be the summer to change this. In British Columbia, we are spoiled by the sheer vastness and beauty of our outdoors, and the trails in and around Ucluelet are no exception.  The Wild Pacific Trail is one of the most beautiful in the world, and for an amazing ucluelet tourist activity, considering exploring it as part of e-bike tours.

What are E-bike Adventures?

E-bike adventures, or e-bike tours are guided explorations of an outdoor trail and experience from the comfort of an e-bike. E-bike tours are quickly becoming the most talked about of the Ucluelet tourist activites, for a numebr of reasons, including:

  • Accessibility
  • Enjoyment and Leisure
  • Surroundings

E-bikes are electric bikes, which have small electric engines that can kick in to give a rider a boost when needed. It is because of this perk that e-bikes are so accessible. You do not have to be a cyclist, or in the best shape of your life to tackle the 8km Wild Pacific Trail or other mountain trails of Ucluelet. The small, electric engine will help you to navigate the hills and bumps. You will still get a workout, but will not end the day feeling exhausted.

E-bikes are able to increase the enjoyment and leisure of those who use them for tours. Going for a long hike or traditional bike ride is not for everyone, but an e-bike opens up these experiences to many more people. This gives access to the wonder and beauty of our natural environment, to those who may not otherwise be able to enjoy the surroundings.

This summer, consider checking out the Mountain Trails of Ucluelet, from the Wild Pacific Trail, to other areas of interest. Book an e-bike adventure with Ukee tours.

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